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Monday, December 18, 2006

Opportunities for Iraqi women continues to dwindle

While Iraq was once considered a progressive Middle Eastern country, today it offers women little to no opportunity for individual advancement. Iraqi women live in fear of being kidnapped or raped, and commonly receive death threats due to their professional and educational decisions, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Significant opportunities for professional and educational advancement for females first became available in the 1920s. However, in the wake of the Iran-Iraq war and the embargos of the Persian Gulf War, the Iraqi government began imposing stricter regulations on women. The recent escalation in violence in Iraq has left some women feeling as though leaving their house is even too great a risk to take. And those that choose to leave must abide by strict regulations on their attire.

Following the US-led invasion, President Bush stated that increasing women’s rights in Iraq was an essential part of forging a new democratic Iraq. Although positions within the government have been allocated for women since then, little has changed. Threats from radical groups and ineffective law enforcement continue to contribute to the fearful state of Iraqi women.

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