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Friday, December 15, 2006

Study shows that negative opinions of America have increased in Arab countries

An annual study conducted by the Arab American Institute indicates that negative attitudes towards American culture have increased among Arabs, Reuters reported on Thursday. Prior surveys had indicated that Americans were viewed positively throughout much of the Middle East. However, this year, in addition to already highly negative sentiments in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, antipathy towards American people, culture and governance increased in Morocco, Jordan, and Lebanon. U.S. policy in Iraq and the Palestinian conflict are believed to be the major root causes for the growing aversion.

According to James Zogby, head of the Arab American Institute, this study is a call for change in America’s Middle Eastern policy. He indicated that the suggestions put forth in the Baker report signal a step in the right direction, as looking to promote greater cooperation with Middle Eastern states and will go a long way towards improving America’s image throughout the region.

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