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Friday, December 08, 2006

UN Security Council official apprehensive of Afghanistan’s future

According to the UN Security Council, Afghanistan must make and meet both its short term and long term goals, The Associated Press reported today. While the prospects of development in Afghanistan look increasingly hopeful, the resurgence of the Taliban that has given international bodies a cause for concern. In addition to the Taliban, the drug trade and widespread corruption continue to be major impediments to the reconstruction effort.

Hatched at the formation of the Afghan National Assembly last December, realistic goals were set for Afghanistan that included a functional court system, a reduction in the amount of people living in extreme poverty, a viable police force. While members of the UN believe that these goals are still attainable, some worry about how a potential border conflict could hurt this process. In addition, Kenzo Oshima, Japan’s UN ambassador and the head of the recent UN Security Council mission in Afghanistan, indicated that “perpetuation of a culture of impunity” lies at the root of the problem in Afghanistan.

The rate at which reforms are implemented continues to be a major concern in Afghanistan. Farmers continue to turn to poppy production as a main source of income and local governments, which are often controlled by warlords, do not appropriately deal with those involved in drug trafficking.

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