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Friday, December 08, 2006

Viet Nam to try out new U.N. consolidation plan

Viet Nam has been chosen as the first test site for the new “One U.N. Initiative” plan, Reuters reported today. The plan was developed in an attempt to streamline the processes of the United Nations by bringing all of the agencies working within a country under one roof. In Viet Nam, there are 11 U.N. agencies working out of 10 buildings throughout Hanoi. The U.N. believes that consolidating the agencies in one building will create more unity within the organizations and lead to enhanced programmatic and budgetary efficiency. The first multi-agency program is expected to begin in late January, with more to follow. The U.N. is expected to name another six countries as test sites for the pilot program later this month. Any savings garnered through the new, streamlined programs will go towards helping to bolster U.N. efficiency.

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