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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saddam’s victims in Iran

According to a recent article from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, many Iranians exposed to chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War are looking towards the trial of Saddam Hussein for justice. Often called the “forgotten victims,” it is believed that roughly one million Iranians were exposed, with some 100,000 surviving the gas attacks. The Iranian government estimates that some 50,000 of those exposed need special medical attention. Attacks on cities and towns in Iran not only caused immediate health effects, but many who seemed fine after the attacks developed related health problems later in life. Many have even died from long-term complications, including collapsed lungs. The victims of Hussein’s gas attacks are beginning to feel neglected now that global attention is so focused on the current sectarian struggle in Iraq, and the prospect of Hussein being persecuted for his use of chemical weapons against innocent Iranians continue to appear dim.

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