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Friday, December 01, 2006

International Committee of the Red Cross demands civilian protection in Iraq

The Swiss-run International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which protects civilians in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, is looking to reduce unnecessary violence in Iraq, NZZ reported on Friday. At a news conference in Geneva on Thursday, the organization demanded that the deliberate attacks on Iraqi civilians end – calling these actions an “appalling lack of respect for human life and dignity.” ICRC is seeking greater support from non-state actors, both within Iraq as well as within neighboring countries. They have already linked up with Iraqi and U.S. authorities.

This week ICRC also announced that, despite security conditions, it would continue to expand its work in Iraq. The organization has been working with Iraqi officials for permission to visit all prisoners held in detention centers, where Sunni prisoners are reportedly being tortured. Currently, the ICRC regularly visits prisoners held by U.S. and British forces, and the Kurdish authorities. The governments are required to allow all interviews with prisoners by the ICRC to occur in private. Although no specific timetable was mentioned, the organization believes that it will gain access to the Iraqi prisoners soon.

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