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Friday, December 08, 2006

Iraqi refugees find difficulties where they settle

Since the beginning of the American-led invasion of Iraq, almost 2 million Iraqis, or 7 percent of Iraq’s population, have fled the country seeking exile, mainly to Syria and Jordan, according to The New York Times. Those seeking refuge are leaving Iraq at a startling 3,000 a day, making their way to not only Jordan and Syria but also Egypt and Lebanon. In Jordan, much is being done to stem the flow of refugees by blocking them at the border or cracking down on those in the country illegally. With over 750,000 refugees in and around Amman, coupled with the 1.5 million registered Palestinian refugees, the Jordanian infrastructure is unable to handle this influx of almost 30,000 new refugees a month. The housing costs around Amman have nearly tripled, as a result of the huge numbers of Iraqis. The only Iraqis in Jordan guaranteed housing are those with over $150,000 dollars to put into the bank there. The situation in Syria, though not as dire, is worsening with approximately 60,000 new Iraqis showing up each month. Cairo is also seeing large numbers of Iraqi refugees, approximately 150,000 already. Because of the strain that refugees place on an economy, backlash is beginning to occur. This will leave no easy solution for the Iraqis who have no little choice but to leave their homes and resettle elsewhere.

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