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Friday, December 15, 2006

Asia America Initiative makes recommendations for Afghan reconstruction

In a report released this week by the Asia America Initiative, the organization gives suggestions for resolving the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. The organization lays out the major problems facing the nation, including the resurgence of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, opium trafficking, and government instability. The following are excerpts from the report:

“It is necessary that the Afghan people of all tribes work together to defeat the return of the Pakistan-based Taliban. For the West to assist this urgent task, a more effective community-based approach to provide the practical hope for the social and economic recovery of the Afghan people of all tribes is desperately needed before Spring. Beginning in March or April, the snow-covered high mountain logistics routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan reopen and the Taliban will intensify resupply of weapons and ammunition for intensified military campaigns. Counter measures through strengthening communities, as the means to building trust with supportive security and developmental teams is an urgent imperative during the next six months.”

To read the entire report, click here.


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