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Friday, December 15, 2006

University protest results in suspensions and arrests

The Egyptian government has arrested more than a hundred students, as well as members of the opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, for protesting at Al-Azhar Univeristy, the San Francisco Chronicle reported today. When students were denied an opportunity to vocalize their choices for student government elections, they held their own elections and formed an independent student council, which they deemed “The Free Union.” A larger protest occurred on Thursday, after the university suspended several students for these actions.

Many of the students dressed in clothing that resembled military attire and performed various military-style exercises. However, the arrival of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in clothing that resembled the Palestinian group Hamas, drew the strongest ire from officials. While leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood released statements, which indicated that the actions were a mistake, and several of the students apologized, the government continued to arrest many of the participants.

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