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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ethnic Burmese children forced to flee to Thailand

Large numbers of ethnic Burmese have sought asylum recently in refugee camps in neighboring Thailand, The American Spectator reported on Tuesday. Many members of ethnic groups who practice Christianity live in fear of persecution and are forced to worship in private. There has been a recent revival in the ongoing military offensive against these ethnic minorities by the ruling junta military. The junta has been known to burn and loot villages, and slaughter residents. Children who survive the attacks are often left parentless. Family members who have taken up for the children and fled to Thai camps have encountered problems with Thai authorities. Additionally, sickness spreads very easily throughout the camps.

International groups like Christian Freedom International have done their best to help secure a variety of necessities for the refugee camps including shelter, education, and medical services. Despite this, the camps offer little chance for growth and opportunity.

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