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Monday, August 13, 2007

Two months after ban, Egyptian girl dies during circumcision

A 13-year-old Egyptian girl died during a circumcision operation, two months after the death of another girl prompted health officials to ban the traditional procedure, according to the Associated Press.

In June, the death of 12-year-old Badour Shaker during a circumcision operation sparked a public outcry, prompting the government to officially ban hospitals from performing female circumcisions.

Karima Rahim Massoud’s death from the procedure was uncovered when her father applied for a death certificate Friday, claiming his daughter died from natural causes. Along with Karima’s father, the doctor involved also has been referred to the state prosecutor, and the doctor’s clinic in rural Gharbiyah province has been shut down.

While the Egyptian Health Ministry has said violators will be punished, it has not specified the penalty. The ban is not enforceable by law, which requires passage in the national legislature.

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