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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kristof calls for international cooperation in Darfur

In a recent column in The New York Times, Nicholas Kristof makes some suggestions to President Bush about how to handle the growing humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

Kristof lays out a host of recommendations, one of which implores the U.S. to shift its locus of support from U.N. peacekeepers to the rebel front.

He also calls for the release of Suleiman Jamous, a prominent rebel leader, and an increase in intelligence coverage over camps and villages in the Darfur area.

Many of his suggestions emphasize mutual cooperation with countries like France and China, who each have their own source of political leverage over Sudan.

Numerous aid workers have expressed concern over some of Kristof’s suggestions, however, he asserts that “I think we need to show President Omar Hassan al-Bashir that he will pay a price for genocide. And he values his gunships and fighter bombers in a way he has never valued his people.”

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