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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iran dismisses EU protests

In response to an increasing number of executions in Iran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hosseini asserted that states address convicted criminals in accordance with their laws, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported Monday, citing ISNA. Hosseini went on to say that the case involving the two Kurdish journalists sentenced to death – which has sparked an international outcry – is an internal matter. He also rebuked what he deemed to be the Western media’s misconception of the issue, emphasizing that Iran’s own laws address offenses and not ethnicity or occupation. However, the EU and international rights groups have protested to bring publicity to the journalists’ plight as well as to shed a broader light on the increasing number of executions in Iran. The two journalists, Adnan Hasanpur and Abdulvahed Butimar are convicted of anti-state activities but have not yet received a formal sentence.

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