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Friday, August 10, 2007

Egyptian courts issue contradictory decisions in case of detained Quranists

The case of a group of detained Egyptian activists affiliated with the Quranist religious movement has remained under close wraps in the wake of June’s parliamentary elections, according to a recent update from the International Quranic Center.

One of the detainees, Amr Tharwat, claims to have tortured by authorities immediately following his arrest and has requested to be transferred to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

Until now, little information has been disclosed concerning the detainees’ charges and location. According to the update, the accused received contradictory decisions from two separate courts.

The Supreme State Security Court reportedly granted the release of the men while the Shubra Misdemeanor Court rejected an appeal to release them from custody.

The unconventional decisions were no less puzzling than the actual trial proceedings, where relatives of the detainees were barred from the courtroom and the detainees themselves were only allowed inside the courtroom for a few minutes.

Ultimately, the judge decided to continue to detain the men.

The detainees’ defense team intends to appeal the decision after the end of a two week period.

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