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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Without enough water, farmers protest against government

More than 4000 people from Egypt’s Beshbeesh village in Mahalla demonstrated in front of the municipality Tuesday in protest of having their water cut off for two years, according to All Headline News. Across Egypt in the last six months, poorer communities, who feel the government is not doing enough to aid in their well-being, have staged strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations.

In the Al Qannan village in Belgas, 250 farmers continued their sit-in for the third consecutive day. They are protesting against the government for not supplying them with proper irrigation methods and allowing a neighboring village to encroach on their canal and annex their properties illegally.

The increase in costs of running farms and purchasing land and equipment is a leading cause of the civil strife, which the government says it is dealing with.

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