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Monday, July 09, 2007

Over 1 million internally displaced persons now in Iraq

1,037,615 is the latest estimate of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq, according to a report released by the Iraqi Red Crescent Society on July 5. This number could continue to rise by 80,000-100,000 per month if the average rates in place from February 2006 to June 2007 persist, IRIN reported today.

The recent increase in IDPs is said to be related to the intensification of sectarian violence since the bombing of the Samara mosque in February 2006. The IDP population consists of 37.5 percent children under 12; 32.8 percent women; and 29.7 percent men. The displaced are facing many hardships, including access to education, health care, medication, and other basic services. Overqualified individuals are forced to take low-level or illegal jobs and IDPs are vulnerable to drug addiction and entanglement with armed gangs who rape and steal.

The report concludes with a brief call to action to help support Iraqi IDPs and refugees, whose large presence in neighboring countries like Syria and Jordan is placing a large strain on regional economies.

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