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Friday, July 06, 2007

Fighting corruption in Viet Nam

Le Hien Duc is a 75-year-old grandmother who has decided to take a firm stance against corruption in Viet Nam, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. Using a variety of methods, from emails to home visits, Duc is determined that Viet Nam reach its fullest potential in the 21st century.

“Corruption is definitely an evil, and it is ruining my beloved country,” said Duc. While many in the Viet Nam give in to the corruption and bribes, Duc goes out of her way to let officials know that such behavior is damaging the country. Duc, a former school teacher, has become a voice for many Vietnamese people who come to her for help.

As respect for authority runs high in Viet Nam, many simply pay what is asked rather than challenging systemic corruption. One man, for example, was caught speeding and was forced to either pay a $3 bribe, which is a day’s wages, or have his motorcycle impounded. Duc subsequently tracked down the officer involved and filed a complaint with the Hanoi police chief. The officer was eventually demoted.

“We gave our blood, sweat and tears,” Duc said. “There is no excuse for anyone to abuse their authority. I cannot stand seeing corrupt officials bully people.”

Viet Nam is notorious for high levels of corruption at all levels of government.

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