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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adulterer stoned to death in Iran

According to the Iranian judiciary, a man has been executed for committing adultery, BBC Newsreported today. Jafar Kiani was stoned to death last week – despite a previous suspension of the practice – following his adultery conviction over ten years ago.

According to Iran’s Islamic law, a male adulterer must be buried to his waist with his hands tied behind his back, while a female offender is buried up to her neck. The stoning brings the number of state-sanctioned executions to 110 this year alone. Most executions are carried out via public hanging. The stoning of Kiani was the first use of the practice in five years.

Kate Allen, the director of Amnesty International UK, called for an end to the practice. To execute anyone by stoning is barbaric and disgraceful. To execute a woman for adultery in this cruel way simply beggars belief,” Allen said.

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