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Friday, November 17, 2006

Threats could lead to university shut down

Since the US led occupation in Iraq in 2003, academics and university professors have been targets of assassinations, leaving the Education and Higher Education Ministries battling to provide their students with the needed course materials, according to CNN. In fact, many professors have already fled and students have requested to study at home and only attend university when it was necessary for them to take their exams.

This is a problem throughout all education levels. In the city of Baquba, primary and secondary school have already shut down for a month as a result of threats and civil disobedience. Abed Dhiyab Al-Ajili, the Higher Education Minister, said that he will consider taking similar action for universities if things continue as they are.

As of yet, the perpetrators are unknown, but some linked the crimes to sectarian violence, while others believe that rebellious students are to blame.

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