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Friday, November 17, 2006

Muslim Brotherhood calls for the resignation of Egypt's Cultural Minister

Egypt, which is considered to be one of more liberal societies in the Middle East, has seen an influx in conservatism. Accordingly, it came as no surprise when the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, called for the resignation of the Cultural Minister Faroq Hosni for stating that wearing veils is a “regression trend,” Independent Online reported.

In the independent Al Masri Al Yom daily, Hosni stated, “There was an age when our mothers went to university and worked without the veil. It is in that spirit that we grew up. So why this regression?” However, Hamdi Hassan, leader of this movement believes that the Cultural Minister should not use his position to impose his opinion. Furthermore, Hassan demanded for a minister who respects their culture, constitution, Sharia (Islamic law) and values.

On Thursday the appeal was presented to parliament, of which one-fifth are members of the Muslin Brotherhood, and will examined over the next few days.

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