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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CSW claims document is leaked manual for dealing with Protestants

According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which has reportedly obtained a copy, the Vietnamese government has produced a manual that details the policies to be taken against the Protestant communities in Northwest Viet Nam. CSW provides an analysis of the document on their website as well as a copy of the purported manual. In the analysis section, CSW states that the manual is broken into three parts, with the first part giving the policies and laws for the Communist Party and the State. The second discusses the tenets of Protestantism and its history within the country. It is the third section that is worrisome, according to the analysis by CSW. The third section focuses on the plan for “managing the Protestant religion.” The third section sets forth the goals for the management and containment of the religion. The document seemingly allows the use of force against Protestants so that they will abandon their faith. It also permits oppression based solely on their religious beliefs, according to the analysis provided by Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
For the article, or links to the manual and analysis, click here.


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