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Friday, October 27, 2006

Protecting Iraq’s Christians

In an opinion piece in the October 18th edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Charles Tannock, Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Human Rights subcommitee, calls on the United States to support the Parliament’s efforts to protect Iraq’s Assyrian Christian community. With deep roots stretching back to the establishment of the Assyrian Church of the East in 33 A.D., Iraq’s Christians are among the world’s oldest devotees. However, their numbers are dwindling, with many fleeing the nation as attacks against Christians continue. After enduring the decimation of their villages and churches during the Hussein regime, Assyrians must now contend with hostile Islamists as the insurgency rages on. The United Nations reports that Christians are a primary target of persecution in the country. Indeed, Assyrians churches have again been bombed, and Christian-owned businesses have been attacked as well. Women have been particularly victimized, with individuals being assaulted and even murdered for not abiding by Islamic dress codes. Unfortunately these incidents are not isolated, but part of a larger pattern of harassment against Christians throughout the Middle East.

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