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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Afghanistan restabilization efforts misguided

Reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan are largely impeded by the growing menace of insurgent violence. The likelihood that the government will succeed in its stabilization efforts strongly hinges on harnessing Afghan support, thus discouraging popular backing of the neo-Taliban insurrectionary forces. Development policies which include the Afghan population in the rebuilding of their own country go a long way to promote not only a sense of pride and ownership in the process, but also provide a means to improve individual livelihoods and increasing trust in the government’s ability to care for its citizens. Current reconstruction and development projects have widely focused on short-term projects, predominantly implemented by foreign contractors, which largely bypass the infrastructural development crucial to sustaining the new state. The result has been the Afghan population’s escalating dissatisfaction with the current political and economic situation in Afghanistan. Involving Afghans in reconstruction efforts could help redirect the booming narcotic industry’s labor supply into legal employment sectors, and to quell frustrations that compel Afghans to join violent opposition groups.

Full report appeared in RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 10, No. 189, Part III, 13 October 2006, which can be found here.


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