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Monday, June 19, 2006

Talabany Touts Positive Developments in Iraq

In a speech given last week at the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) by Qubad Talabany, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the U.S. in Washington, Talabany “assessed current developments in Iraq, most notably Iraq’s new government and the challenges it faces.” In his speech Talabany gave analysis and offered the Kurdish view on the situation.

In his speech Talabany also discussed the formation of Iraq’s national unity government, which he said, is “as inclusive as it possibly could be.” He believes “the process of forming the unity government was both important to Iraq’s fledgling democracy and productive in that the government includes all the major Iraqi players and political movements.”

He added that positive developments, politically and economically, are evident in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. The Kurdish National Assembly “will soon pass a liberal business and investment law, which should encourage outside investment and promote sustainable economic growth in the near future.”

Talabany also discussed how “the unification of the two Kurdish administrations in Iraqi Kurdistan has greatly impacted the moral of Iraq’s Kurdish community,” and that the KRG is “working hard to continue developing the Kurdish region, politically and economically.”

In his speech Talabany also gave warnings about a post-war Iraq. He says that “post-war Iraq is polarized and split along sectarian and ethnic lines,” and as such, “the chance of creating a strong central government is looking less and less likely each day.” Talabany went on to call for the “institutionalization of the federalist structure outlined in the country’s constitution.”

Tackling corruption in Iraq is also going to be a major task of the new government, Talabany believes. He says that it “must be a priority because the problem is deep and wide.” Talabany says “the people deserve better,” and the “government must be institutionalized and accountable with the mechanisms that impose checks and balances.”

In his closing remarks, Talabany “expressed hope that the new national unity government will work in a cohesive way to bring stability and prosperity to Iraq.”

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