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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Suppression of Unauthorized Women’s Rally has Student Group Angry

As reported on the Radio Free Europe’s Website, a women’s rights demonstration held on June 12 in Tehran was violently suppressed. June 12 is not an unusual date for rallies to be held. After demonstrations held on this date last year, women are trying to establish it as an unofficial Women’s Day. Ali Jahanbakhsh, Director-General for political and police affairs of the Tehran Governor-General’s Office said that “any group that wants to hold a rally or other demonstration must first obtain a permit from the Tehran Governor-General’s Office.” A security Official from the demonstration said that a permit had not been obtained by the women. The article reports that as a result, the organizers of the rally received court summonses. The suppression of the women’s rally has angered the Office for Strengthening Unity, a politically active student organization. Members of this group have “called for the immediate release of the arrested participants,” including some of the groups own members.

To read more from Radio Free Europe click here.


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