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Monday, June 12, 2006

Egypt Police Arrest 110 Muslim Brotherhood Members

As reported by Reuters, 110 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested today, Monday, June 12th , amidst a protest organized by the Brotherhood to support Hassan el-Hayawan—who was recently put on trial for obstruction of voting, illegal possession of firearms, and being a member of the Brotherhood, which is considered an illegal organization in Egypt.

To end the demonstration, the police beat the protesters with sticks, released teargas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

According to this piece,

“Egyptian police arrested 110 members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Monday, and beat and teargassed others as they protested outside a courthouse in which a prominent Brotherhood member was on trial, sources said.

“The group's Web site and an eyewitness said thousands of police had surrounded the demonstrators in the large Nile Delta town of Zasgazig and had dispersed the crowd using sticks, teargas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

“The Web site said 10 demonstrators had been injured and 110 arrested but an eyewitness gave a higher figure. Egypt's Interior Ministry was not immediately available for comment.

“‘The police attacked with sticks, teargas and water cannons. There were people injured through suffocation and beatings. People were taken to hospital,’ witness Nasser Nouri said.”

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