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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aid Estimate for Afghanistan

Afghan financial advisor Anwar ul-Haq Ahadiwas is looking for 10 billion dollars of foreign aid, saying Afghanistan needs 4 billion every year if it is to continue on its track for a stable economical government. So far, the U.S. has planned to contribute 1.1 billion dollars of its extra funding money to Afghanistan. The country has made tremendous improvement by forming a new government since the Taliban was overthrown. However, it relies heavily on foreign aid and troops for security. The question is whether or not the Afghan government is using the aid money properly. Looking at the overall situation of run-down hospitals, continuing inequality towards women and extensive poverty in rural areas that still plagues this country, the big picture looks bleak. However, considering that Afghanistan has an 80 percent illiteracy rate, and hardly any industrialization, improvements will take a while. Ahadiwas said he believes that five more years of support will put Afghanistan on its own two feet. Follow the link:


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