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Friday, January 27, 2006

Deadly Fireworks Production in Egypt

In the town of El-Nazia, fireworks production is disfiguring and killing impoverished citizens who must work in the factory making these explosives because they have no other source of income. Women, men, and children are suffering from disfigurations and countless wounds due to dangerous working conditions. Women and children pack the explosives, and men mix the powders. The government has made these fireworks illegal and has urged the workers of El-Nazia to stop production. The workers claim that the government has no concern for them, or it would supply the community of El-Nazia with more factories, export stores, and other income sources. The problem comes down to the fact that fireworks are constantly used for various celebrations, especially during Ramadan. To accommodate these festive needs, the country imports fireworks from China rather than buying them from the illegal product houses in El-Nazia. The workers believe that if the government only gave them money to build a proper factory with embedded safety precautions, the nation could buy their fireworks for a cheaper rate, rather than importing at higher costs. Meanwhile, the poverty-stricken families in El-Nazia will continue to illegally produce fireworks, injuring many, and killing some. Read the whole story here:


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