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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nour thanks supporters in rare interview from prison

In a rare interview on July 26, imprisoned Egyptian dissident Ayman Nour spoke to reporters with Abu Dhabi’s The National about his ongoing detention and international efforts on his behalf.

Nour was jailed in 2005 on dubious forgery charges after challenging President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt’s first – and last – contested presidential election.

President Bush earlier this month called for Nour’s release.

“Bush’s initiative is kind and very important in its, as it came just 24 hours after Mubarak decided to keep me in prison,” Nour said, referring to the Egyptian president’s pardon of 1,500 prisoners on July 23. “But I can’t say that the American administration has always been serious in pushing for my release. Sometimes it gave priority to principles, but more often interests prevailed.”

Nour also commented on attempts by Egypt’s state-run media to tarnish his image.

“Despite grave losses to my health, my family, my party and finances, I feel prison has earned me more credibility among the youth and average Egyptian, despite the state’s tarnishing campaigns against me,” he said. “The enlightened people, and those who hate the regime, and they are many, know that they are lying.”

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