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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vietnamese protestors detained over farmland disputes

Vietnamese authorities have arrested three people for protesting the government’s seizure of village farmland, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Hanoi on Tuesday acknowledged the arrest of elderly war veteran Pham Trung Phon, who camped out for two months inside a local government building. According to the article, the other two individuals were arrested in June for protesting the seizure “of rice fields in northern Thai Binh province to be used for industrial parks and residential areas.”

As the article notes, “The unrest began a year ago when villagers became enraged with the government’s offer of 21,600 dong (US$1.30) per square meter of land confiscated…They demanded payment of 135,000 dong (US$8) per square meter, arguing that the seizure was affecting more than 1,000 families.”

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