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Monday, June 30, 2008

Kurdish girl stoned to death by family for eloping

In a June 17 call to action, the international network Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) reports on an “honor killing” that left a 16-year-old Kurdish girl dead at the hands of her own family.

Kurdistan Aziz recently eloped with her fiancé to Erbil, where, cognizant of the risk posed by her actions, she sought the protection of the government’s domestic violence department. According to WLUML, the department accepted a bribe from Aziz’s father, and returned her to him.

Between May 17 and 18, Aziz was stoned to death by her own family, WLUML says, adding that authorities refused to intervene, calling the matter a “tribal issue.”

WLUML urges concerned parties to write a letter to Kurdistan Regional Government officials demanding that Aziz’s killers be tried as murderers and calling a for a full investigation into evidence of government corruption and negligence.

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