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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iraqi children face uncertainty in Lebanon

In Lebanon, displaced Iraqis are struggling to provide for their children, having fled conflict in their homeland only to encounter a new set of troubles, the United Nations’ IRIN news agency reported on June 19.

While children make up an estimated half of the Iraqi refugee population in Lebanon, only 38 percent of the Iraqi households polled in a recent study there sent their children to school.

Many refugee children have suffered through highly traumatic episodes, and as the article notes, their distress is “compounded in Lebanon by the constant fear of arrest or deportation.”

Fourteen-year-old Harin fled Baghdad with her family after witnessing the murder by immolation of her father, a Christian.

In Lebanon, displaced Iraqis also face an inhospitable legal environment. The country has no domestic refugee law and authorities treat Iraqis as illegal immigrants, detaining them with the threat of deportation if they lack residency or work permits.

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