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Monday, June 23, 2008

Iran sentences woman activist to five years in prison

A member of a prominent Iranian women’s rights campaign has been sentenced to five years in prison, Reuters reported on June 21.

The activist, Hana Abdi, was charged with attempting to commit a crime against national security, according to her lawyer.

Abdi is a member of the Change for Equality campaign, which aims to collect one million signatures in support of women’s rights. Some 50 women have been detained for their involvement with the campaign, with most held no longer than a few weeks.

Iranian Judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi recently said that gathering signatures was not a crime, but “making propaganda against the system and disturbing public opinion.”

Late last year, an unidentified Iranian judge said the Iranian government was charging Abdi, a resident of Iran’s Kurdistan province, with carrying out bombings along with the Kurdish PJAK rebel group – an Iranian counterpart to the separatist PKK group that operates from northern Iraq.

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