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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iranian women’s rights activists accused of disrupting national security

Three Iranian women’s rights campaigners have received suspended lashing and jail sentences, Reuters reported Tuesday.

They were all charged with taking part in an illegal gathering and collusion with the intent to disrupt national security, disruption of public order and refusal to follow police orders, said fellow activist Sussan Tahmasebi.

The sentences are suspended, meaning that they will only be carried out if they are found guilty of another crime within the next two years.

“Women’s rights activists particularly object to sentences that include lashing,” said Tahmasebi. “These sentences are intended to embarrass and humiliate human rights activists.”

Women face institutionalized discrimination in Iran. Tahmasebi is herself appealing a partly suspended two-year prison sentence for her role in a banned demonstration in Tehran in 2006.

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