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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pakistan closes Afghan refugee camp, displacing thousands

The Pakistani government has begun to destroy the homes and buildings of the Afghan refugee camp in Jalozai, Pakistan, beginning a process that will displace thousands, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Established by refugees fleeing the violence of the Soviet invasion nearly three decades ago, the Jalozai camp has housed a generation of Afghans who have never even set foot in their country; according to the article, very few have any desire to return.

Pakistan has been seeking to destroy the camp and others like it for some time. The government viewed Jalozai as a great financial burden and a breeding ground for terrorists. United Nations officials and Afghan leaders managed to help postpone its closure until after the harsh winter months.

As Jalozai closes, the Pakistani government begins the destruction of the some 80 other refugee camps that are left in the country. The closures will affect an estimated 2 million refugees.

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