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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Displaced Sudanese making perilous trek from Egypt to Israel

Thousands of Sudanese refugees have fled the violence destroying their country to live in Egypt. But, the accomplishment of avoiding the violence is diminished when they are forced to then live in abject poverty on the outskirts of Egyptian society. This is why so many are willing to risk their lives to make the dangerous crossing into Israel, Voice of America News reported Monday.

VOA Middle East bureau correspondent Aya Batrawy spoke with one Darfurian man, Galoud, to understand what compels so many refugees to make the perilous and costly journey to Israel. He spoke of the initial relief felt by escaping the carnage of Darfur, followed by the despondency from lack of employment opportunities in Egypt, a nation already with a 20 percent unemployment rate.

The opportunities for Sudanese immigrants in Israel remain uncertain however; refugee status has only been given to some, while others are deemed “economic migrants” and sent back. Still, Galoud believes the journey across the desert and over the border will be worth it. Even the fact that ten immigrants have been shot and killed by Egyptian border guards this year does not deter him.

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