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Monday, April 14, 2008

Migrants desperate to escape Myanmar

Thailand is implementing stronger border checks in an attempt to stop the flow of immigrants from Myanmar, Reuters reported Sunday.

Economic migrants are desperate to escape the repressive military government and crippled economy of Myanmar, and will go to extreme lengths to do so. Just last week, 54 people suffocated in a stiflingly hot container truck while crossing the border.

Those who make it take on mundane, dirty and dangerous work – jobs shunned by most Thais – in order to support their families. Those who are not registered face exploitation and sometimes deportation.

Yet the alternative – staying in Myanmar – is prompting more and more people to attempt the journey.

“As long as people are struggling to find a better life, we cannot stop them from entering Thailand,” said Kanchanapa Keemun, governor of the border town Ranong.

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