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Monday, March 10, 2008

Iraqi protestors denounce insecurity in Basra

In Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, over 5,000 protestors, mainly Shiite men, gathered Saturday to denounce worsening security, The Associated Press reported the same day.

According to the article, protestors carrying banners “demonstrated near the Basra police command headquarters Saturday, demanding that the police chief, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Jalil Khalaf, and the commander of joint military-police operation, Lt. Gen. Mohan al-Fireji, resign.”

At the end of 2007, British troops returned control of the city over to the Iraqi government. Instability and disorder have been on the rise in the months since. The article notes that “killings, kidnappings and other crimes have increased significantly,” and adds: “Dozens of women were slain in Basra by religious extremists last year because of how they dressed, their mutilated bodies found with notes warning against ‘violating Islamic teachings.’”

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