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Friday, March 07, 2008

Iran elections will not bring change

Iran’s repression of the media and serious limitations upon candidates will result in elections where people face a choice “between different shades of conservatism,” said Jon Leyne for BBC News on Friday.

A third of prospective candidates have been disqualified for the elections, which will be held on March 14.

According to the article, there is considerable dissatisfaction within Iran due to President Ahmadinejad’s economic mismanagement. Inflation is now more than 20 percent, and unemployment and job insecurity are big problems.

But this is unlikely to be reflected in the outcome of the elections, and cannot be expressed through the media. “The Iranian government is in a bunker mentality, with less and less room for even the mildest forms of dissent.”

This means, said Leyne, that “those looking and hoping for major change in Iran are likely to be disappointed.”

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