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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

‘National Need’ party seeks to improve women’s rights in Afghanistan

National Need, a new political party focused on women’s rights, was launched in Afghanistan on February 19, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported on February 20.

Afghan parliamentarian Fatima Nazari helped to establish the party.

“I believe women understand their own problems better than men would, Nazari said. “We want to campaign for democracy, not only talk about democracy. In this way, we want to work with our brothers and the rest of Afghan society.”

Female activists throughout the country have mixed feelings about the party’s future. Maryam Panjsheri, an activist in Panjsher Valley stated: “We know our goals won’t be easy to implement, but they are realistic. We know it won't happen overnight. It may take many years.” Panjsheri believes that the most difficult hurdle will be reaching conservative families.

Since the Taliban’s fall in 2001, women’s rights have increased and the National Need party looks to further this trend. The party expects to run in the next parliamentary elections, which will likely be held in three years.

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