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Friday, February 22, 2008

Egypt ruling allows for seizure of imprisoned dissident’s assets

Jailed opposition candidate Ayman Nour, the former chairman of the al Ghad party, will now likely have his assets seized, IkhwanWeb.com, the Muslim Brotherhood’s English-language website reported Tuesday.

The Egyptian Political Parties Affairs Committee issued the decision. The article says that the assets include, “a law office owned by his wife Gameela Ismail and his house, owned by his children Nour and Shadi, plus seizing 15 offices of the party headed by Ayman Nour.” The assets will then be given to new al Ghad leader Mousa Mostafa, who is at odds with Ismail.

This decision marks yet another injustice for Nour, who came in second in the 2005 presidential elections, but was then imprisoned on trumped up forgery charges. Nour still remains in a Cairo jail despite Ismail’s repeated calls for his release due to his failing health.

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