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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Abu Fana Monastery attack under investigation

A recent attack on Egypt’s Abu Fana Monastery, located near Minya in Upper Egypt, is now under investigation, according to Afriquenligne.

A monk, Father Mina, described the incident: “They attacked us with machine guns, tractors and cars. Eight hermitages were destroyed, bibles and crosses were burnt.”

“It is not the first time we were attacked,” Father Mina said, adding that on January 1, a man opened fire on them.

“We filed a complaint at the police station but they didn’t start an investigation,” he said of the previous attack.

According to the advocacy organization Free Copts, the monks targeted cited a desire to seize monastery land as a motive for the attackers.

For the Free Copts article, click here.

For the Afriquenligne article, click here.


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