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Friday, January 11, 2008

Photojournalist documents other side of Afghanistan

Paula Lerner, a photojournalist who managed to capture a glimpse of the everyday life of the people of Afghanistan, wants to show Americans another side of Afghanistan, according to The Boston Globe.

“Lerner, a magazine and commercial photographer, became interested in Afghanistan through her volunteer work for the Business Council for Peace, or Bpeace, which helps women establish businesses in post-conflict regions,” the article says, adding later, “Her photos, as well as video and audio recordings that focused on the lives of five Afghan women, eventually were put together for a multimedia project on The Washington Post’s website.”

Lerner considers herself a journalist and advocate. “I make no bones about it,” she said. “I think it’s more interesting to take a point of view.”

Afghanistan’s fate has become closely intertwined with the foreign policy of the United States,” the article says, “and yet, Lerner noted, ‘it’s hard for us Americans to wrap our heads around the culture,’ but ‘it’s vital for us to have a connection with that place.’”

According to the article, “One of her photos shows Afghan children – too young to know about Taliban or Russian rule – playing in a yard. While taking the photos, Lerner could see the impact of their innocent laughter on the face of her Afghan guide.”

“It made a difference; it was healing,” Lerner said, “I could see it in front of me. That’s what’s so compelling about being in a place like that and telling those stories. It’s not just living through all that but coming out the other end and being human again.”

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