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Friday, December 21, 2007

Iran launches winter crackdown to enforce dress code

Despite the arrival of winter, Iran’s dress code is being enforced as aggressively as ever – especially for women – with violators facing possible jail time, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported on December 13.

“This week in Tehran and other cities, officials began a fresh crackdown on women – and men – who violate rules for winter garb, such as sporting overcoats that are too short or hats instead of head scarves,” the article says. “Police in Tehran have set up mobile centers and stationed cars in busy areas, such as bustling Valiasr Street, to implement a new phase in the enforcement of the dress code.”

The article adds: “Iranians have been informed about the police operation through an advertising campaign on radio and television. Billboards dot the streets warning women to dress properly. But it is the first time police have launched a winter crackdown on what is called ‘lax dressing’ or noncompliance with Iran's strict Islamic dress code.

The crackdown has been gaining in intensity under President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, and hit a new peak this past summer. But the “morality police” have traditionally targeted women whose small head scarves reveal a portion of their hair or pants that do not cover their ankles. Such women are given a warning and forced to write a pledge that they will no longer dress ‘immodestly.’ The police sometimes fine or briefly arrest those who argue with them.”

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