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Friday, December 21, 2007

Washington institute hosts photo exhibit on ‘Muslim Women in Germany’

Washington, D.C.’s Goethe-Institut is set to open a new photography exhibition, “Muslim Women in Germany,” that it is more nuanced than its name implies, The Washington Post reported today.

“Upward of 3 million Muslims live in Germany; more than 2 million of them are Turks,” the article notes. “Many are guest workers who arrived in the 1960s (hired to do menial jobs the Germans wouldn't) and their children and grandchildren.”

On the exhibition, The Post says: “This wide-ranging selection of photographs of Muslim women is almost entirely devoid of context. Some pictures could be a photojournalist's investigation of Muslim identity, some could be frank attempts at capturing the country’s minority relations. But we don’t know for sure. And neither does the Institut…What the Institut received includes many straightforward documentary-style pictures. Anne Schoenharting enters homes and apartments where she photographs women tending to children, preparing meat and performing other domestic chores. Maurice Weiss finds women engaged in political rallies. Jordis Antonia Schloesser captures women on the street and at private parties.”

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