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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Activist speaks out against possible attack on Iran

The idea of attacking Iran must be condemned by the international community, Iranian human rights activist and journalist Akbar Ganji said Tuesday, CanWest News Service reported the same day.

“Beating the drum of war, even as a theoretical possibility, places the Iranian people at a crossroads,” he said. “This is exactly what the Islamic republic’s fundamentalist rulers hope to see.”

In 2000, Ganji was arrested in Iran under charges of “propaganda against the regime and its institutions” after writing a series of articles that connected government officials and senior conservative clerics with the killings of scholars and dissidents in 1998.

Ganji condemned the idea of placing economic sanctions on Iran, saying they will only hurt Iranians, not cause any change in the policies of the government.

He also reprimanded the United States on its “double standards” in making agreements with dictators, and for making military threats that are unjustified.

Bombing Iranian infrastructure won’t improve democracy, security or human rights in the country, Ganji says, “But it will certainly enflame fundamentalism both in Iran and the region.”

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