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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kurds blamed for terror attacks in Iran

The Iranian government has blamed a bomb explosion on December 1 in the city of Sanandaj – located in Iranian Kurdistan – on guerillas from the Party of Free Life of Iranian Kurdistan, or PJAK, according to Newsmax.com.

Sources in Iran, however, have indicated the bombing was carried out by agent provocateurs under orders from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence.

Calling the allegations, “an Iranian fabrication,” PJAK denied having any involvement with the explosion.

“PJAK does not carry out operations against civilians,” said Saif Badrakhan, a PJAK liaison representative in Washington, D.C. “Iran is behind this kind of operation to terrorize the Kurdish population.”

Sources in Iran said that Tehran plans to challenge Europe to expel or arrest PJAK leaders in the coming weeks. Iran’s main target is reportedly PJAK President Rahman Haj-Ahmadi, who has lived in Germany for 35 years and has German citizenship. Iran hopes to convince the European Union and United States to crack down on PJAK as part of an anti-terror campaign.

According to Ahmadi, PJAK is considered a threat by the Iranian government because of its plans to overthrow the clerical regime in favor of a secular government, and its support for equality between men and women.

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