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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Selling blood a profitable, but dangerous enterprise in Iraq

The increasing demand for blood in Iraq is driving a niche market in Baghdad, IRIN reported Monday.

Many of those selling their blood are unemployed and need the money to support for their families. “Agents” often stand in front of Iraqi National Center for Blood Donation (INCBD) and offer blood that they charge US$20-30 for every 350 cu. cm of.

Abdallah Farhan Ahmed, a surgeon at Medical City Hospital, told IRIN that at least one in five operations in the hospital require a blood transfusion and that on many occasions they had to postpone operations because the type of blood required was not available.

Since January 2006, there has been a decreasing number of blood donors as violence has increased in the Bab al-Muadham District of Baghdad where INCBD headquarters is located.

“Unfortunately I will stop donating until I feel secure enough to return to the centre,” said Abu Muhammad Farez, who had been giving blood to the center for the past eight years.

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