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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aid to Iraqi refugees will demonstrate U.S. commitment in Middle East

In Wednesday’s Washington Post, editorialist Michael Gerson emphasizes that the outcome of the Iraq War cannot overshadow the country’s rapidly growing refugee problem.

According to the United Nations, there has been a steady flow of about 50,000 Iraqi refugees each month, the majority of which are displaced within Iraq but also throughout poor urban areas in Jordan and Lebanon. This lack of centralization makes is difficult for humanitarian agencies to reach those in need.

The United States has continued to fund U.N. refugee efforts, but the author asserts that the contribution is inadequate compared to the growing crisis. So far, only 200 Iraqis have been admitted to the U.S. despite the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recommendations of 8,00 Iraqi visas. Gerson also emphasizes that helping Iraqis would not only address a pressing humanitarian concern but demonstrate a longer-term commitment to the Middle East.

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