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Friday, September 07, 2007

Amnesty International calls for nationwide mobilization to support treaty on women's rights

Amnesty International is looking to build support in the United States Senate to ratify the Treaty for the Rights of Women. This international treaty is the “most complete international agreement on basic human rights for women,” according to Amnesty, and most countries have agreed to it. The United States, however, still has not.

Senators have heard from many opponents to the treaty, and need to hear from constituents in favor of ratification, according to Amnesty. The rights group is promoting a nationwide mobilization between September 24 and 28 to show the Senate how many people support women’s rights.

Amnesty is encouraging people to participate in or lead a delegation visit to a Senator’s office. The deadline to sign up is Monday, September 10 at noon. Tools, training, and background will be provided by Amnesty.

For more information on the treaty and delegation visits, click here.


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